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Sewer, Drain, & Down Spouts; Wexford, PA

Sewer, Drain, & Down Spouts; Wexford, PA

Starting to notice a nauseating smell coming from your pipes?
These are signs of a ticking time bomb that lies below your home. Your current main sewer line could be becoming clogged with various eroding materials that made it down the drain over the years and is putting your pipes in eminent danger.

We do smoke testing which is an environment friendly devise that is used to locate and pin point the exact location of a sewage smell.

Avoid the often overlooked costly repair of a collapsed sewer main. Our plumbing pros are equipped to inspect your sewer line thoroughly.

We don’t just tell you there’s a problem; we’ll show you the problem.
With our specialized services and state of the art equipment, we give your drainage lines the attention that they deserve. We use dye testing to ensure that your drainage lines are flowing properly. With our camera equipped snakes to unclog your drain, you get the added knowledge of how to take better care of your drains.

Getting flow going under your feet and above your head.
We make sure that water stays flowing to prevent any further damage to your home, giving you the most complete plumbing services. We’ll also install and fix all downspouts and French drains to protect your roof and basement.

Taking care of your sewer lines to save you money.

  • Dye testing
  • Camera with video snaking
  • Jet cleaner for drains
  • Expertise to unclog any drain
  • Installation of new sewer lines and repair

Don’t let a little rain ruin your day

  • Unclog down spouts
  • Installation of French drains
  • Replacement of down spouts

Count on us to clean your sewer lines today and save a heap of money tomorrow. Have your coupon ready to have your sewer line cleaned for only $99 when we come to your home.

We can save you thousands of dollars with a quick phone call.

Giving you immediate quality service that is done right the first time. Call us right away at 412-367-0815 to get an immediate solution to your plumbing problems.

Mertz Sewer and Drain Cleaning was started by Matt Mertz Plumbing INC. in order to assist in the need for honest drain cleaning in our industry. All too often you hear of low drain cleaning prices turning into thousands of dollars in unneeded repairs, due to many of our competitors using the bait and switch tactics. Not here. When you call Mertz Sewer and Drain Cleaning, you reach a live person 24 hours-7 days a week ready to help you with your drain cleaning needs.

Upon scheduling at your convenience, a uniformed tech in a lettered truck will arrive at your door promptly, we will assess the situation, and begin to work. Unlike some local plumbing companies, ALL of our plumbers are licensed. Feel free to ask any of our plumbers to see their licensed and we will be more than happy to show you.

Mertz Sewer and Drain Cleaning has the latest in drain cleaning technology including various size electric snakes, high pressure jets, and digital camera and inspection equipment, making it easy for us to clear almost any drain. Unfortunately, sometimes the piping system has determinate and/or exceeded its life expectancy and repairs are needed to be made- NO PROBLEM. All the techs at Mertz Sewer and Drain Cleaning are licensed plumbers and are able to generate on the spot quotes for repairs.

Mertz Sewer and Drain Cleaning owns its own dump trucks, excavation equipment, trench shoring, and compaction equipment, eliminating the need for subcontractors, thus allowing for the best price possible for our valued customer. All our repairs are inspected by Allegheny County Health Department and no payment is ever made until full completion of work and your complete satisfaction.

Matt Mertz Plumbing

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